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Personal Loans:  We offer flexibility and competitive interest rates when you need money to finance a new car, motorcyle or recreational vehicle, support a child's continuing education, pay for a vacation, buy new furniture for the house or other family expenses that may come up.


Residential Mortgage Loans:  Whether you are buying, building or refinancing a home, we can help you find the right type of financing program to fit your needs including both long term fixed rate as well as short term balloon mortgage loans.


Residential Construction Loans:  We can help you build your dream home by providing a construction loan to fund the costs of building until you are able to move in and your long term mortgage financing takes effect.


Home Equity Lines of Credit:  Use the equity in your home for a personal line of credit for one time purchases, or as a cash reserve for emergencies.  You can borrow, pay back your balance, and borrow again up to an established amount, with easy access to your money either on line, by phone or writing a check.


Ready Reserve / Overdraft Protection: You can have a pre-approved personal line of credit tied to your checking account.  If you are running short of funds just before pay day, or if you run across a good buy and want to make a purchase, Ready Reserve can cover your checks.  This product can also save you costly overdraft fees or the embarrassment of a returned check if you make an error in your checkbook.  Whenever a check is presented against your account, and there's not have enough money to cover it, we'll automatically advance funds from your Ready Reserve account.


Credit Cards: More Rewards / More Choices with our Visa credit card issued through Elan Financial Services.  In addition to getting rewards for fewer points, you have instant access to dozens of perks including special bonuses, travel rewards, unlimited cash back, merchandise and gift cards.  It's easy to apply by using the convenient link on the Heritage Bank home page.


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